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Why do I attend GCE? (by HP)

Running_With_the_Bulls1 Above is a powerpoint I made, click to download. Why do I attend GCE? I get asked that a lot after telling people that I went to school in a basement with fifteen other kids last year. It’s often really hard to explain as you really have to spend a week here to really […]


The more a student is open to learning, the more their horizons are broadened. This author was a part of a discussion on Picasso’s bulls. When speaking sparingly, one is more apt to be a facilitator of his/her learning through the sharing of experiences. As a result, everyone in the conversation sat attentively in order […]

The Course of Life Bulls

The bulls View more presentations from mfansler.   Learning in school and life experiences seem to be coming together for the first time right now. I am finding that in order to succeed in one, you need the other to … Continue reading

The Vitalogy Of Me

In the Vitologies class we learned how to tell or write stories not in dangerous ways like single stories. It’s not that easy to tell a story without telling it globally. What I learned from Chimamanda Adichie, the storyteller and … Continue reading


FABULLOUS View more presentations from dece16. FABULLOUS While looking at Picasso’s Bulls in our first exercise I observed how we see things and judge them. When we started looking at the first bull we saw sad, timid, lonely bulls. Then when we looked at more abstract bulls we diminished them because we couldn’t relate to […]

Why am I at GCE? (by EP)

La Corrida View more presentations from epatlan. “Imagination is the highest accomplishment of consciousness and the highest accomplishment of imagination is empathy.” – Dean Young In Crimes Against Humanity, we looked at Picasso’s eleven developments of a bull. As an aficionado of art, my honest opinion is that the first bull was my least favorite. […]

What am I gaining from GCE?

Masks of Bulls Learning styles can vary in each student depending on how he/she is able to easily understand methods of approach in a given task. Any student who faces challenges in a certain learning style or finds strength in … Continue reading

Picasso Bulls Exercise

The staff at GCE conducted a Picasso bull exercise. We spent time on each bull exploring the meaning of the bull. We asked questions like “What are the essential components of a bull?”. I have provided my comments/insights below on … Continue reading

Picasso & GCE

Today I facilitated an activity with the staff in which we examined Picasso’s bulls. Picasso deconstructs a bull and simplifies it to its essence (see below). His efforts stand as a critique on almost all unnecessarily complex and purposeless things we do, including how we construct and operate schools. Our discussion was fascinating. We explored […]