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Policy Action 4- ZF

AW and I worked together for our last Action Project in Policy to start a conversation on our streets and through the internet about sexual harassment and victim blaming in our lives. We did this using the Slutwalk movement as an example, but taking our own spin on it. We designed our own mini posters Read More…

Jc Racism Poster

      I created this poster to educate people and show that racism still exists in the United States. I was hoping to see what everyone learned from reading this poster and how they will change. Please leave a comment with your answers to: What actions would you have taken if Patrick Hall had Read More…

South America – Treatment of HBV

In our global cure class, we created posters on treatments for diseases. For example, my poster is on people who have HBV (Hepatitis B) in South America. I used this poster to help find why scientists use symbols and languages in chemistry. Please see my poster below. .