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Holes the GCE Adventure

For my Policy (English & History) class we were tasked with doing three hours of service to an  organization of our choice.  This project was inspired by a field experience we did to Lincoln Park Community Center (LPCS).  I had a great time doing my service, and you can read about it below! After going Read More…

Learning to Listen

Are the ways Glennie makes connections with others similar to how she learns music, and what do her methods say about listening generally?   Evelyn Glennie is a deaf musician who maintains that the interpretation of  music is more important than the translation. She put the example forward that you learn more about a person […]

Are you just going to give up your dream, if many people say too many times “Your dream will never come true!”, or keep dreaming?”

I noticed that we had to learn a lot about Rhythm and sounds. We learned about what people use to create the different types of rhythms. You don’t have to have the perfects instruments to make sounds. You can make many sounds with your parts of body (legs, hands, mouth).  You know our world is […]

Feelings of Trust

Who can people turn to, or trust, when they don’t know how to feel things? And why would you trust them, if you can’t feel anything? The purpose of this piece was to create a question and respond to it … Continue reading