Welcome GCE poets, bridgers, weavers.
My blog makes poetry from the building of GCE.
Some days rhyme; others have broken verses.
I’m here to try new metrics & rhythms of learning.

Why GCE?

I always thought education should teach us to connect instead of separate, should give us a feeling of belonging and not of isolation, should teach us unity instead of just limits. I am grateful for being able to nurture this dream of connectedness at GCE. From “Day 1”, in August 2010, I felt we were planting a “forest”; that’s when I created this 1min-video to say why I’m here.

Carlos Pittella-LeiteCurriculum Chair:

I was born in Brazil and grew up learning to love all kinds of poetry. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, a Master’s degree in Literature and a Doctorate in the poetry of Fernando Pessoa. In 2006, I cofounded One to Trees (123s), a Brazilian-based nonprofit that, until 2011, aimed to empower ecological education teachers. Through 123s, I taught ECOpoetry in two favelas of Rio de Janeiro. In 2012, I cofounded World of Ideas, a Chicago-based nonprofit dedicated to refocus education towards the World’s Biggest Challenges. In my free time, I read, enjoy the lake, write poetry – and cultivate ideas for the cross-curricular environment of GCE.

Email: carlos@gcechicago.com