BATTISTA, Adrianna (2010) Cupcake for Logo Idea. Internet: Flickr.

Nerd Cupcake Challenge

The second action project for the Food Course challenges students to assume the role of a chef and use their knowledge of chemistry to substitute…

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The Kite - Storyboard by ZF + Purpose group

Show me your Values!

New term… New civic challenge: — Take one core-value of Global Citizenship and turn it into an educational Comic Skit… …as a warm-up for creating…

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Nikki Giovanni on MLK’s braids & tattoos

Today, you will meet Nikki Giovanni, the poet, the activist, the civil rights leader, so to realize the importance of people who have paved a…

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Chicago French Pastry School

How to mold your winter in Chicago…

As part of the GCE Arts curriculum, students are exploring the art of mold-making. In order to see real-life applications to this art, we visited…

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Forbidden Books - DARE YOU Reading List

Forbidden Books – DARE YOU Reading List

GCE English/History Sophomore course for the winter will dare you to read the classics, classics that have been challenged, censored, banned and even burned! We…

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