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Building a Global Future through Local Connections



Today we went to Global Chicago. We spoke to Mia Luhtanen Arter, Christopher Juby, and Craig Kafura. We learned that Global Chicago was founded in 1922 after World War II and about the different things they do. They present 150 programs a year where they bring in experts from around the world. The experts discuss a certain global problem and make suggestions and come up with ideas or recommendations. They also help present Chicago to the world by conducting studies and surveys, then sending them to Congress and Senate. Their motto is “To bring the world to Chicago and to bring Chicago to the world.”

When we learned about some of the comparisons Global Chicago makes to different cities it reminded me of my two classes: Global Rap, Crimes Against Humanities, and the research we are doing on other cities. In Global Rap we are learning about the cultures of other cities by studying their music and poetry and finding connections with our own lives. In Crimes Against Humanities we are researching Crime, life, organizations, and environments of other cities to write a story about them.

I think Global Chicago is a lot like our school Global Citizenship Experience. We are all from different areas and backgrounds and we come together to learn from our teachers and each other. We try to find common ground with other people that we don’t agree with and take into consideration their perspective of the issue. We also tackle global issues. In our classes we have learned about Immigration, the Economy, Crime, and we are always comparing and contrasting Chicago to other Cities.