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By KG • Fuel, Uncategorized • 31 May 2013

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The purpose of this action project was to test 5 different water samples and determine their pH level. The pH level is what defines whether a solution is acidic or basic. This is determined on a scale of 1-14, 7 being neutral. The purpose of doing this was to see which water sample was safest to drink. Another aspect of this project was noticing that certain types of water that you think were neutral were actually more acidic than you would have expected. I am proud of the fact that I did this experiment, and am proud of everything I learned about water and its pH levels. I learned that bottled water is not the best drinking water, as it is actually more acidic than tap water. Bottled water had a pH level of 5, whereas tap water had a pH level of 6. The best drinking water has a pH level of 7. I was surprised that bottled water had the same pH level as the Bioluminescent Bay in Puerto Rico, since the Bio Bay is filled with microorganisms and has not been through the cleansing process that bottled water has. This was finding was quite unexpected!

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KG_pH lab