Save A Glacier, Save The World

By KG • Water • 8 Jun 2013

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KG (2013)

This action project included researching a glacier, and then creating a campaign to raise awareness about the issue of melting glaciers. I researched Exit Glacier in Alaska. This glacier is a very popular tourist attraction. With it melting, however, it might not be there much longer for tourists to enjoy. For my action project, I made a slide rocket presentation about the effects of melting glaciers, and what we can do to help slow the process. I am very proud of this project, and having come up with ideas to help with a current, ongoing issue is really special to me. I learned that glacial movement is natural, however global warming is speeding up the movement process. I was inspired to take action in many ways, and not only with regard to glaciers. If I see a campaign for a cause that I find important, I will do what I am able to in order to help. When it comes to the melting glaciers, I will carpool to minimize my use of fuel, and use as many reusable items as possible. This action project has changed and enlarged my views, and I hope that my presentation makes a difference.

Please click below to view my presentation:

Campaign Presentation