Action 3 project DL


This project was about me going out to find a restaurant and comparing there food to a home cooked meal. What I learned was that my home cooked meal tasted a lot better that the restaurant meal. I can relate this to a time I had sweet potato pie at a store and when my grandma made a pie hers tasted a lot better.



Food For Thought


I’m comparing restaurant ribs from TGI Fridays to cooked ribs off a grill. In the process I wii be  using my senses. I will describe how the ribs, how they smelled. I will be also be talking about how this connects to Michael Pollan’s five food rules. I will also be talking about the different ingredients in the two different ribs.


Homemade Ribs

I’m going to start with the ribs made from at home. I bought my ribs from the store called jewels one hundred percent pork meat. I grill my ribs on a grill that I have in my   backyard. I use jack denials barbecue sauce from jewels. I cook it for about 30 minutes till the meat turns dark red.  I sometimes wait a little longer so the meat can get a little juicer, but after all that I sit down and ate them.


 Restaurant Ribs

At the restaurant TGI Fridays I order the one hundred percent pork baby back ribs. The wait for the ribs were about twenty minutes. As soon as I walked in they seated me. They brought  me water the after five minutes they ask to take my order and thats when I waited on my ribs to get down. The restaurants baby back ribs were juicy the meat was dark red like my homemade ribs but the had there own special barbecue sauce. They would not tell me what type of sauce it was. Also the ribs were diced up into small strips of meat. Unlike my homemade ribs they were hole strips of ribs, that mean they were pretty big.


Taste test


Homemade ribs:






Touch:rough, wet


Restaurant Test:


Taste: juicy,spicy

smell: salty


Touch: rough, wet,sticky


Food Review

While I was eating the ribs I could taste the sauce and they both tasted kind of similar, but the ribs at TGI Fridays the sauce tasted a little spicier than my homemade ribs, and it was also has that tangy taste to it like my homemade ribs do. This reminds me of one of the food rules from quality and quantity. The quality of the the food since I only made one rib the quantity was low because I only paid attention to only one rib and the quality was high because it was so good.




In conclusion  for the ribs from TGI Fridays were very interesting it was delectable and they ribs were made in a very different way from the homemade ribs that I made. My ribs were juicier than the ribs from TGI Fridays, But the service there was very good they treated me well and served me fast. It took me just as long for me to make my ribs just like they did as well. I just can’t believe that the ribs from TGI Fridays tasted just as good as my homemade ribs the so alike but they’re so different in so many ways.


DLs Artist Statement


In my textile class I made a sculpture called a Creeper head. I did it because I had to make something relating to a story that we made. What I learned was that its hard to make a head in your own image. I created it by making blue prints and making a box so I can attach the fabric to it.


The great creeper head

12 1/2 by 12 1/2

My art  piece is a head that I made out of my fabric, and cardboard that I shaped up with a boxcutter. My piece’s story is related to my story Creepers head because. it’s the head of the creeper from my favorite game called Minecraft. I made the heads  in my own image. The audience can put the head on there head to wear around. In our textile class we investigated textile arts, we especially looked at textile sculptures, textile installation, and garments. We wrote stories on what we would decide our textile sculpture would look like. I made a blue print of my sculpture to determine what it would look like.    

Hydropower and Pollution DL


08:24, 19 May 2006
Vic Brincat

This project is for my Fuel course. I did this because I am doing a project on Hydropower and pollution. Do dams pollute the water that the fish swim in? What I learned that dams kill fish and makes the water toxic as it falls from the dam. Please read my paper below.

There are three atoms in a water molecule and it helps to produce energy. You may find it in the air or in the water either or is fine.(Hydrogen) (Oxygen) 2H2 + O2 = 2H2O That’s the balanced equation for the water molecule. First I add up 2H2 plus O2 and I got the combined equation for the molecule.

Carbon footprint is energy that you use in your life and you pollute in sets of carbon dioxide. Hydropower or dams does not produce carbon dioxide and it reduces the carbon footprint. I calculated the carbon footprint for the household vehicle, energy, waste, and recycling. I used the EPA carbon calculator, and my total emission was 5,009 pounds of CO2 per year.

There are pros and con in hydropower. The first advantage is it creates lots of energy.For example, according to Bernard Forest de Bélidor, the power available from falling water can be calculated from the flow rate and density of water, the height of fall, and the local acceleration due to gravity. In SI units, the power is:
P is power in watts
η is the dimensionless efficiency of the turbine
ρ is the density of water in kilograms per cubic metre
Q is the flow in cubic metres per second
g is the acceleration due to gravity
h is the height difference between inlet and outlet
To illustrate, power is calculated for a turbine that is 85% efficient, with water at 62.25 pounds/cubic foot (998 kg/cubic metre) and a flow rate of 2800 cubic-feet/second (79.3 cubic-meters/second), gravity of 9.80 metres per second squared and with a net head of 480 ft (146.3 m).
In SI units: which gives 96.4 MW for one dam
( “History of Hydropower”. U.S. Department of Energy)

One disadvantage the is that it kills fish. For example according to, When the toxic gases from the water falls from the dam it kills over 100,000 fish in the Columbia River. Messenger, Stephen. (May, 2011.) section. After I found out the advantage and the disadvantage of using hydropower. My con was how many fish they kill will dams in my external section, and my pro was a dam gives 96.4 MW (megawatts).

Works Cited

Messenger, Stephen. (May, 2011.)Water Released by Dam Killing 100,000 Fish a Day

Kellert, Stephen R. “Water Encyclopedia.” Hydroelectric Power. New York: Macmillan Library, 4 Nov. 2010. Web. 07 Mar. 2013. <>.

D.Ls memory


The action project for my who am I course was about about my favorite memory. My favorite memory was about when I got my first got black ops 2. What I learned was was that if you go deep into your memory you can tell a story about it.



My favorite memory was when I first bought my Black Ops 2 video game.I was there standing in line for 4 hours. My friends and I were very cold. It was snowing very hard that day. We took tests to see what we knew about the game to win prizes. When my team took the quiz we came in second place. We didn’t get the t-shirts, but we got badges and some guy said, “I’ll give you 10 dollars if you sell it to me.” I agreed so we traded items. Game Stop employees passed out pizza and chips just in case we all got hungry. Everyone ate everything. With  two hours left, before the launch,  and everyone was waiting inside Game Stop it was over two hundred people waiting in line. I was like 20th in line and my friend was right behind me.

With one hour left untill midnight, everyone and everyone had to wait outside because it was store policy. It was snowing hard and no one was giving up their place to go home. When they finally let us in to pick up the game we were in different tiers. I was in tier 5 and some of my friends were in tier 7 and 3. Some of them went  before me. When I finally got in there, I saw people walking out with the Veteran Package which gave them more new content for the game. My (mom) said she would buy it for me it, even though it 50$ extra. When I got my game I walked home as fast as I can so I played it both times, it was two o’clock in the morning. When I got home I was so tired I went straight to bed.

When I woke up the next day at nine o’clock in the morning it was Sunday morning . I went straight for my game and I played it from dawn till dusk . I was stuck to the controller like white on rice. I always played with my favorite Green camouflage controller. I also liked the color of the gun I had it was a light blue color. I used it in the game all the time. My little (brother), Trevon Taylor, always used the gold, diamond -encrusted camouflage on his weapon. At the time we were eating watermelon. We loved the taste in our mouth. We ate the whole melon.

I worked very hard. I had to do a month’s worth of chores to save enough just to get the game. I washed clothes and I cooked I  love to cook food. I’m always hungry -I eat two people combined. I am a really competitive person; I love to go against hundreds of people online.
The best thing I like’s about the game was playing live online.
Every game mode I either came in first second or third. One more thing I did Did with the games was take care of it. A lot of people don’t even put their games back in the case half the times so it gets dirty and does not work.

DL’s Car Project

My project for the Fuel course was about building a model car and how it works and moves. What I learned was that it’s hard to make a model car if you don’t know what you are doing. I can connect this to when I had to do a project before and it was super hard but I got through it. When my class and I went to UIC we watched and learned how to make my model car work and travel far

Who am I podcast DL


My presentation is about truth. What I am writing, is what I believe is pertaining to truth. What I learned was that if you believe in what you say and its truth towards you, you should do it. I made a podcast of me reading my Paper on truth.


DL Water Cycle

My project is about the water cycle and how it works. What I learned was the different things about the water cycle like how condensation sucks the small water droplets up into the sky and the cycle continues. I’m proud of finishing my project early.

The steps of the water cycle are the water from the plants evaporate. Next precipitation happens, then rain runs off the surface of the earth. After that evaporation come from the lakes, rivers, and streams. Lastly condensation happens and the cycle starts over.



This is my action project for Arts.The project I worked on was about a power animal and how I would make it move like a machine. I made a pulley system. It came out great it worked perfectly. What I learn was how my power animal moves and how to make it move like a machine.

Video of The Lemur Monkey System


The Lemur Monkey System


Materials: Green string

My Piece is a is about a red fur lemur monkey, and how it moves in the way of the form of the monkey. The general idea of the is about the animal that I chose and make a type of machine that makes it move in the way that the monkey does.

First I glued a long tube to a wheel. Second I put the long green string through the tube so it comes out of both ends. Third I attached the whisk and the monkey to each end of the the string then to the string so each could be balanced and leveled.  The movement of my project represents heaven/air, something to do with climbing in the air.  All the color represent air, the blue is for the blue sky.