3 Responses to Creating New Curriculum part 2: Transformation

  1. Eric says:

    I want students to be transformed as follows:
    –awakened by /to their spirit/power within
    –to view themeselves as the engines of their possibilities
    –to demonstrate confidence in their choices, and accountability for their actions, words
    –to separate the evaluation of their outcomes from judgment about themselves and others

  2. At the end of the course, I would like students to know what will power is, not through body & mind alone, but through will power itself.

    This will be a transformative experience, because students will know where this will comes from, as a source of wisdom beyond words or muscles — and this internal knowledge shall be a source of confidence.

    Students will know how their bodies & minds react to apparently unsurmountable walls,
    measuring the strength it takes to challenge & transform habits.

    To measure this transformation, we shall do a PRE & a POST survey, assessing 4 criteria:
    – knowledge
    – skills
    – values
    – actions

    Here are examples of questions, regarding each of these criteria, to be asked before & after the course:

    1.1. What is endurance? Please define & describe a concrete example.

    1.2. Please name one public person whose life, in your opinion, incarnates each of the following endurance challenges (name & explain why)
    a) exploration or record-breaking endurance (by person’s choice)
    b) mental endurance
    c) survival endurance (NOT by person’s choice)
    d) political endurance

    2.1. What skills does a person need to endure a challenge with no end in sight?

    2.2. What skills do you believe you have to endure such a challenge?

    2.3. What skills do you still need to endure such a challenge?

    3.1. Let’s say you have all the money in the FED, plus access to all objects in the world. How much should endurance cost — or what object would you trade it for? Why? (refer to question 1 for your definition of endurance)

    3.2. Let’s say you can meet the person that, in your opinion, represents endurance to the maximun degree:
    a) who is this person be?
    b) which would be the first 3 questions you would ask & what 3 answers you think you would get?

    4.1. What was the biggest challenge you endured in your life? Why was it challenging? How did you endure it?

    a) What do you believe to be the biggest challenge you will have to endure in the next year?
    b) Do you feel ready to face it? Why?

    a) What do you believe to be the biggest challenge you will have to endure in your life?
    b) Do you feel ready to face it? Why?

  3. Kenny Bae says:

    At the end of the course, I want the students to be transformed by developing knowledge, skills and values shown below:

    ● Grasp the big picture of how the course is relevant to the world
    ● Understand how math and science is used in real world applications

    ● Become proficient with advanced math and science concepts
    ● Conduct high level technical research and apply knowledge to the world at large
    ● Build a strong foundation of curiosity to be a lifelong master learner

    ● Live out the importance of being a global citizen
    ● Assist others with compassion

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