Create New Curriculum Part 5: Purpose

Every GCE course, unit, lesson, and activity is purpose driven.  We ask teachers to clarify the essence of learning opportunities and to transparently communicate why each course is essential to learn.

What is the purpose of your course and why is it essential to learn?

2 Responses to Create New Curriculum Part 5: Purpose

  1. Kenny Bae says:

    I want each of my courses to push students out of their comfort zone. I want students to get out of the normal thinking of learning in terms of right and wrong answers. In my courses, I want students to raise many questions as we generate answers. It will help them develop more sophisticated ways of conceptualizing problems.

    Cure: I want students to find connections of chemistry and mathematics in the understanding of cures for global health applications.

    Student Enterprise: I want students to identify and apply the hedge hog concept of global enterprises.

  2. Endurance is the 3rd and last Integrated English/History course on the Global Enterprise series, after Race/Gender/Class and Education. If Race/Gender/Class challenged students and Education informed them of ways to deal with those challenges, the Endurance course will ask:

    – Now face your challenge, act, fall down, get up, try again…

    This course is Essential if we would like Global Citizens to grow will power as a 6th sense, so to dive into the world with more than brain & heart.

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