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Trainee Testimonials

Please enjoy a few words of feedback from our wonderful trainees.  These two teachers work at CICS Northtown, and we are extremely grateful to partner with them. Outside of the [Global Peace (gp)] course, I just want to send my encouragement to you and the gce family to continue to experiment, and load the rest […]

Blended Learning

Yesterday, we spent a good deal of time and thought on Blended Learning, it pros, cons, limitations, and possibilities to maximize learning.  Please share in the ideas below: BL – WHY How does BL improve (for students) organization of course? website lets you go deep, zoom in and out gives autonomy to student to understand […]

Effective Teaching

In our final training session today, we discussed evaluation.  We asked and talked about the purpose of assessment and effective vs ineffective strategies.  We told a few funny stories and laughed about our short-comings.  But one thing that isn’t funny is that there is often a disconnect between what we evaluate, in terms of student […]

T3 & Inquiry based learning

This week, we are conducting a GCE Educator Institute, Train-the-Trainer Workshop. The purposes are three-fold: Clarify and discuss the goals of GCE’s Model for Learning which apply to both formal and informal environments: educating global citizens Train public and private educators to deliver the curriculum in a range of formats from electives to clubs to summer […]

Healthcare & Education

This morning I read one of Dan’s blog posts at https://adventuresofdeltawhiskey.blogspot.com/2012/04/my-time-in-champaign-urbana.html and posted the following response on his blog. Thanks for sharing so much about yourself, the healthcare system in various places and forms, and about people in general.  Like you, my professional work is fueled and informed by my own experience  and me desire to […]

Create New Curriculum Part 5: Purpose

Every GCE course, unit, lesson, and activity is purpose driven.  We ask teachers to clarify the essence of learning opportunities and to transparently communicate why each course is essential to learn. What is the purpose of your course and why is it essential to learn?

Creating New Curriculum Part 4: How will you know they “get” it?

Student performance, beliefs, and interactions reflect who we are and what we do as educators.  At GCE, we constantly strive to see our own reflection in our students’ behavior and performance and to use the data available to improve our curriculum, instruction, and social emotional support. Ultimately, it is only through consistent and direct attention […]

Creating New Curriculum Part 3: Communication

One of the greatest challenges we face as educators is that of communication; and failure to communicate clearly through directions, questions, assessment, and informal interactions quickly leads to breakdowns in trust, motivation and performance.  On the flip-side, by varying communication strategies and accommodating the unique learning needs of each student, we can bridge gaps that […]