2013 Students

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AWAbout me

I’m seventeen. I currently live in Evanston, but have lived in a number of other places. I spend a lot of time on the train to and from my old home state of Indiana. My parents got me travelling almost from birth, principally in Latin America, so I love to go places, whether on short rambles or cross-continental journeys, alone or with friends. On the other hand, I can go for days locked up in my room reading, writing, drawing, or just staring at the elaborately decorated walls — I’m a card-carrying member of Hermits United.

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CAAbout me

I am a huge music junkie. I love old books and modern art. I am happiest when I am trying something new. My favorite place is the zoo and the elephants are my favorite. I hope to learn about the world and have a perspective, in all aspects of life, that is bigger than that of the suburb I come from.

Why GCE?

I came to GCE in search of something different. I wasn’t enjoying my old school and I wanted to learn about the world, not just learn to get into a good college. I wanted a school where who I am matters and I am pushed to learn in a way that isn’t formulaic.

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DCAbout me

I live on the west side of Chicago in the North Lawndale community. I come from a big family of eight kids and a single mother. As the oldest I have learned to be a very independent person. My normal days consists of getting ready for school, going to school and working hard, dancing, texting, and studying. I am a very outgoing, hardworking person. I am energized for my junior year and look forward to great college interviews next year.

Why GCE?

I came to GCE to go to a school with classes that challenge me to work harder and also to help me find out my academic strengths and how to use them to my advantage. Being in GCE for the second year now and planning on graduating from here I got so much more than I expected from GCE.  I got to learn about people very diverse from myself and find the similarities that brought us together. Best of all coming to GCE I found another family and home and place where I wake up excited to come to and can’t wait for Sunday to end so I can get to school on Monday.

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GFAbout me

I am from the city of Chicago.. I love music, art, architecture, travelling and history. I have an interest in science and business, and they’re a few of the things I’d like to develop a deeper understanding in here at GCE.

Why GCE?

I became a student at GCE because I desperately needed a new learning environment. Often, in CPS schools where you’re one of forty per class, you become lost, and swept under the rug. Here at GCE my teachers work with me to insure my success, I am given opportunities to study subjects that I’m interested in, and furthermore, find my own reasons for being interested in these subjects. When I walk into the building at GCE, I feel empowered, respected, and I’m not treated like one of nine hundred students.

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GLAbout me

Hey everyone! I was raised on the north east side of Chicago right by the lake! I lived their almost my entire life. I just so happened to be born in an entire different continent; I was adopted at the age of 1 from Paraguay, knowing nothing. My Polish catholic  mother and jewish father defiantly brought another twist to my family’s culture.

Why GCE?

I picked GCE because I was not enjoying my old school. I needed something different and really wanted to learn about the world. Hearing about GCE from a friend of mine got me really excited to learn more. After learning about the classes taught and the people who attended, I became more excited about attending GCE. I really knew this school would be perfect for me and it really is. There is not one day here I don’t enjoy. I can’t wait to see where this school goes.

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HMAbout me

There are so many things I like to do. Over the past few years, I’ve discovered my passion for adventure and seeing all the natural beauty the world has to offer. I want to see and experience it all. Another passion I’ve discovered is my love for children. Their innocence, honesty, and excitement about all that surrounds them helps me to see the world with new eyes and is a way for me to reconnect with myself. Although I’m passionate about both of these things, I’d say my biggest passion of all is helping others. The ability to impact others positively and change their lives in some way, big or small, is so special to me.

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HPAbout me

I was born and raised on the near north side of Chicago. My family are immigrants from England. I am a basketball player and play just about all day everyday when I can. My personality is pretty reserved but I am very competitive and intense when need be.


Why GCE?

I chose GCE because I needed a new environment where I could actually learn something applicable to real life. Also, I grew up in Chicago so I hated the suburban school that I moved into, and I wanted to go back home everyday. It gave me a chance to be a leader which I know I can be.

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JDTAbout me

I enjoy music, visual art, and activities that encourage strategic thinking, such as chess or puzzles. I play and record music by myself and with others, and I enjoy playing video games as well. My favorite school subjects are math, history, and English. I hate science.

Why GCE?

I chose GCE because it is a school that understands me and helps me strive artistically and academically. The school is small, which is a personal preference for me.

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ZFAbout me

Most of my time is spent either in my darkroom or with a paintbrush. I love art and I especially love painting and photography. I also enjoy reading. Some of my favorite books include The Catcher in the Rye, The Harry Potter Series and Jane Eyre. I hope to continue my education not just with college, but with travel and new experiences. I am so excited to become part of the GCE community.

Why GCE?

I felt like I didn’t have a voice at my old school. The “one size fits all” system of education was really frustrating for me. GCE is much more tailored to what I — as a student — need from my education. I feel like I am able to learn much better in this environment.