2014 Students

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ATAbout me

Hiya! I’m pretty sure that I’m 17 years old, but you shouldn’t take my word for it. I like to think that I’m an avid book reader, a lazy artist, and a dedicated rock climber. I was born in Chicago, IL. My mom is from somewhere around Boston, and my dad is from Cuernavaca, Mexico. My mom moved me all over North America and has thus gave me different perspectives on the world. I also like to draw with pastels, make ceramics, and sing. I enjoy working with kids and teaching things to other people so I might be a teacher later in life. Of course my whole family is full of teachers so I might need to break that imminent curse…

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BRAbout me

I live in Evanston, IL, with my mom and my dog, Rufus. I love to take photos with my 35mm camera and I am currently in the process of making a darkroom in my basement, so I can develop my photos at home. I also love to hang out with friends and travel.

Why GCE?

I chose GCE because being at my old school was getting too overwhelming for me and I needed a change. GCE was a place that I could see myself growing into a more confident and stronger person. Although it is small, I have met some of the nicest, smartest people I know and I can’t wait for the future here.

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HDAbout me

I love to play sports and be able to go out and be active. My favorite sport to play is soccer and my favorite subject is science… Especially when I get to learn about biology and cool information about diseases. Diseases, in my opinion, are actually one of the coolest things to learn about. Coincidentally, we have a really cool Disease class right now! I was born and raised in the beautiful city of Chicago. I love the diversity and sights to see here and I could never imagine myself anywhere else.

Why GCE?

I chose GCE because here you have more of a good relationship with everyone in the school. You can be comfortable and not have to worry about stuff like having something stolen from you. Just today, I left my wallet sitting on the couch and someone brought it back to me for example. Your relationship with every student and teacher here is like no other. The way GCE approaches educating high school students also is so much more appealing than any old public school. Your freedom and right to have an impute in this school is such a good feeling. It’s great and that’s why I decided that this was the right pick for me!

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JHAbout me

I am an energetic kid. I have a need to play sports and run around; even though GCE may be smaller than most high schools, we still manage to have a fully functional basketball team that practice every day. Other than sports, I love to hang out with my friends, browse the web, and do a little bit of gaming when I have time.

Why GCE?

I chose GCE because it is very similar to the grade school I went to, Near North Montessori. I wanted a high school with a sense of community and where I knew everyone cared. I also wanted to go to a school where the work I did every day mattered compared to other high schools. I think GCE has been a perfect fit for me and I am ecstatic to be part of the community.

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JPAbout me

My name is J. K .P. I am 15 years old. I am from America. I was born and raised in the South Suburbs of Dolton, IL (about 20min from Chicago). I am a sophomore at GCE. I enjoy playing the flute and guitar. I am learning Spanish in school and outside of school I am learning American Sign Language.

Why GCE?

You should choose GCE because you will enjoy coming to school and learning. You will love the staff and teachers. They are really nice and funny. They teach really well too. They make you think critically and get you challenged. The students are nice and very diverse. We have students from all over the world. I enjoying coming to school, especially on Fridays because we go out in Chicago and do things in the city. I really like this school and I know you will too.

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LNAbout me

Lets start to where I began… My family is from Burundi but I was born in Congo. I was raised in Tanzania in the refugee camp. I came to America a few years ago. I like to play soccer a lot, it’s my favorite sport. And I like to write a lot and I improve every time I write.
I heard about this school in the summer break of 2010.

Why GCE?

I chose this school because I knew that this was the best choice that ever made and it was. This school provides challenges and experiences that you would be amazed and desired to come to this school. I chose to come to GCE because I get the challenges that helps me learn. GCE gave me hope when I didn’t have one. I know most of you would like to check it out, please do so, go to to gcechicago.com to learn more about this. Or contact the director of this school.

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SMAbout me

Since I was a kid, I loved adventure and explored many cultures. I’ve kayaked across the Georgian Bay of Southern Canada, I’ve hiked the Grand Canyon, and traveled through Mexico. I’m a genuinely loud and open person, I love comedy and enjoy doing comedic performances at places like my old school and Second City.

Why GCE?

I chose GCE because I struggled in public school. There were a lot of distractions. I am excited to think that GCE can help me enlist in programs like the Peace Corps and studying abroad.