2015 Students

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LFAbout me

I am an adventurous sixteen year old girl and I come from Chicago, Illinois. However, before that, I came from my mommy’s tummy. I enjoy reading good books, drinking tea and hot chocolate, writing fictional stories, and staying up late. When I stay up late, my night usually involves reading a good book, drinking tea or hot chocolate and writing a fictional story. I’m very excited to be a part of GCE and discover what this school has to offer.

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MMLAbout me

I was born in Chicago and I have lived here my whole life. I like playing sports like baseball, basketball, football and floor hockey. I am on my high school basketball team (GCE Falcons). When I get home from school, I like to go on my laptop and play games and watching videos on Youtube.

Why GCE?

I chose GCE because I, like turtles, want to learn at my own pace; for example, at my old school (Francis Parker), every time I tried to interact with the class I was usually spoken over. At GCE I feel like I can interact with any and every class in my own way, without being spoken over.

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MYAbout me

Hello!! I am from Iraq. I have been two years in the U.S. I am in love with GCE  high school. I hate basket ball, I love swimming and love playing tennis, but I am horrible on it. I love hanging out with my friends and my family. I have the greatest friends in the world.

Why GCE?

I came to GCE because it’s an awesome school. I had never been to a school that have a small amount of students. In GCE you feel that you are sitting with people that you knew for a long time. In GCE I get to be more challenged and I love it. In this school we have the chance to do anything (anything good and important). I love GCE and I want to graduate from here.