2016 Students

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AHAbout me

I am from Chicago Illinois, I have a sister that is older than me and I used to have fish as a pet. I am a new student at GCE, because I wanted to have an experience of what the different classes would be like. My favorite things are listening to music, watching movies, watching tv, and drawing. For my free time, I really like to play the guitar. I have been to the China 2010 Olympics and saw Swimming, Tennis, Volleyball, Judo, Fencing, and Rowing.

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BKJAbout me

My mom is from Cuba, my dad is from Germany, but I grew up in Chicago. I love the city. I love to play basketball and sometimes even skateboard — I think they are really fun sports. I’m a really active person, I hate to just sit down I have to be moving, running, even walking. Another thing I like to do is draw. Drawing is one of my passions and I hope to be an artist or a basketball player when I finish high school.

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CDAbout me

Hiya! I am from Chicago, IL. I come from a family of 5. I have one brother and one sister. My sister and I are both adopted. I am excited for whatever comes in the next few years. In my freetime I like to play tennis, read books, draw, and hang out with friends. I am A very energetic person.

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DLAbout me

I’m from Chicago, IL. I love to play basketball everyday, all day long. I play at Loyola Park 4 days a week for 5 hours at the most. I also like to run, I’m really fast. Also, I like to skateboard, I get better and better everyday I skateboard to and from places. I’m sporty, nice and a team player when it comes to almost everything.

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GLAbout me

To be written…

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KGAbout me

I love being me! Although I was born in Chicago, I am Haitian-American because my mom is from Haiti. I come from a big family of fun. Everyday is different! I have many activities that I participate in and may be fun each day, like swimming, playing volleyball or soccer, to just hanging out with friends and family! Most of the time I am shy when it comes to meeting new people, but I can get into my comfort zone pretty quickly. I want to experience the feeling of being a student at GCE!

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HPAbout me

I come from many places. I am Spanish, Italian, Dutch, French, Mexican, American, and English. My dad is Spanish and Mexican while my mom is American with a wide European background. I was raised in more of a hispanic environment near the north side of Chicago. I like to play the Viola, play soccer, football, volleyball, go paintballing, wrestle, run, swim, play games, and meet new people. I am a very friendly person who is usually happy, gets tired easily, and chooses to help people as often as I can. I’m kind of excited yet nervous about attending GCE because I kind of have no idea of what to expect. I hope it’s fun though. Me gustan galletas.