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Appropriation Continues

During our first term last year, we explored the art of printmaking and learned how many artists appropriated images to inspire their own work.  We explored the works of Andy Warhol who was notorious for his interpretation of pop culture images.  We then explored Mr. Brainwash made famous by Banksy in the documentary Exit Thru the Gift Shop who appropriated Warhol’s images, style, and even process to create a line of over-priced works.  As a class, we discussed how artworks either gained or lost value through appropriation and reproduction and as artists, we were challenged to appropriate and reproduce images.

Currently, up at the Museum of the Art Institute is the other pop artist notorious for appropriation- Roy Lichtenstein.  At the beginning of the exhibit, his images are so classic and original and felt so nostalgic of childhood.  Further into the exhibit, I recognized classic artworks by Matisse, Picasso, and Monet but interpreted in primary colors, parallel lines, and dots and they definitely were original and somehow still felt nostalgic of childhood.  Lichtenstein’s style is so unique to him that even through appropriation, his vision is prominent and his works are so clearly his.

I keep this in mind, as I create curriculum to appropriate ideas while keeping my voice and the mission of GCE alive and in the forefront. More insight into the crazy curriculum to come……