About Hiu

About Me

I was born in Hong Kong and grew up in Chicago.  My passions and inspirations are deeply rooted in traditional Chinese cultures present at home and in the urban grit of Chicago streets.  My dad owns and operates an advertising/printing company, where I spent most of my childhood around stacks of beautiful papers, tubs of different colored inks, and the unmistakable chugging sound of old-school printing machines.  Inspired by this environment, I had the drive to pursue all things hands-on; I spent after-school hours in high school interning at Yollocalli in Pilsen where I received my first taste of how impactful Art really could be.  I continue to think of Arts as a tool to revolutionize as I approach it as a teacher, student, creator, and admirer.

Why GCE?

GCE provides the ideal environment for Arts to serve as an inspirational tool for students to create a revolution.   The model of the school allows for real-life connections to be made through Arts by implementing  Arts as a bridge to create connections between the students’ other courses.  The interconnectedness and fluidity of GCE allows for Arts to be easily integrated with Science, Math, English, History, self-discovery, and social issues affecting youth.  The safe space created within GCE amongst both staff and students has given me a chance to grow as a person and as a professional and proves that teaching is just as much learning; sometimes the School Master is Ignorant.