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The Three by HM

This past week in my class CounterCulture we created Shout-Out or Invocation poems.  This process began with reading 3 well known shout-out poems: Shout Outs: The Blue Oneness of Dreams, Invocation, and Shake the Dust.  Out of all these poems, Shake the Dust is definitely the poem that resonated with me most because it was […]

Soon by HM

In my CounterCulture class we were introduced to the idea of this poem, “Imagining a Future Utopia”.  Immediately, I knew what I wanted to write.  Depression is a sickness I feel is often so misunderstood and it ruins far too many people’s lives because they aren’t able to see the light.  Personally, I’ve struggled and […]

Building a Wind Turbine by HM

This week in my Design and Engineering class, we made a wind turbine.  This task was definitely difficult and a little daunting at first but I ended up really enjoying myself.  The purpose of this project was to design our own, very small windmill and then calculate whether or not it’s benefits would really pay […]

Building a Solar Panel by HM

In my Design and Engineering class, we built a homemade solar panel since we’re learning about sustainable energy.  This definitely overwhelmed me at first because there were so many steps to creating it.  I couldn’t quite wrap my head around how it would all come together in the end.  Luckily, my classmates were ready to […]

Nature -> Humans -> Machines Kinetic Sculpture by HM

This week in my class The Great Pretender, we completed our first Project as Action.  For this project, we created a piece that had 3 tracks which were inspired by our power animals.   The tracks of my piece were inspired by the way elephants move.  From there, I found a machine and human action […]