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There And Back Again – Hawaii by HM

From February to April 2012 I worked on an organic farm on the Big Island of Hawaii.  For 9 weeks, I lived in the town of Ka’u immersing myself in the culture and learning how to farm.  I went without knowing anybody but luckily left having formed friendships I know will last for the rest […]

Creating a Swing by HM

As our final project for The Great Pretender, we made a kinetic sculpture of our power animal.  My power animal was an elephant and I chose to focus only on the swaying motion of the trunk of an elephant.  This process was very long and very stressful for me because it included a great deal […]

Hipsters Squared by HM

As our final project for Art of Rhetoric, we created a skit that showed rhetoric.  We spent all trimester studying the different elements of rhetoric so this way a great way to wrap it all up.  At first, my partner and I struggled to come up with an idea we felt was funny and fun […]

Creating a Google Sketch by HM

As my last project in my Design & Engineering class, we used Google SketchUp to create a model of an eco-friendly home.  In my model, I added a solar panel we had previously made in class.  The process of creating my model on SketchUp was definitely not an easy one and it was a lot […]

Making an Appeal by HM

In my Art of Rhetoric class, we were asked to create an appeal that represented Pathos.  When this project was first introduced I had a really hard time wrapping my head around the concept of it and how to represent my cause. During this process, I was forced to engage rhetorical strategies to make an […]

Perfecting My Resume by HM

In my Art of Rhetoric class, we were asked to create a resume for our first Project as Action.  We had been studying ethos and how we talked about how a resume is a perfect example of showing one’s credibility.  We began this process with looking at several examples of resumes and deciding on how […]