HM's GCE Portfolio YOLO. This makes it hard to plan the day.

HM's GCE Portfolio
Saving Chiraq by HM

For our final action project in Policy, CA, GL, DC, GF, JP and I worked together to prevent gun violence in Chicago through a youth-led organization called Project Orange Tree that affiliates itself closely with Lupe Fiasco’s foundation. Project Orange Tree is a campaign that wants to teach youth about gun violence and the roots […]

Taking Action by HM

For our latest Project as Action in my Policy course, we were given the assignment to find a cause we felt strongly about and then complete 3 hours of service for an organization of sorts that supported the cause we were interested in.  I chose to volunteer on a Habitat For Humanity trip, an organization’s […]

Who’s Getting Left in the Dust? By HM

For our second project as action in Policy, we investigated an issue we feel strongly about and how it either is or can be seen as a monopoly.  Once we had chosen our issue, we had the large and quite honestly, daunting task of creating an infographic to effectively display the information we had found […]

Making Changes in Lincoln Park by HM

Vacant Lot, Chicago by Zachary Korb. July 17, 2005, Flickr.  For my first project in my humanities course for the Spring term, Policy, we were challenged to find an issue with zoning in either the ward we lived in or the ward where we go to school, which is the 43rd ward, and propose a […]