HM's GCE Portfolio YOLO. This makes it hard to plan the day.

HM's GCE Portfolio
Reflecting on Civic Engagement by HM

During my experience of Civic Engagement, I truly found my place in the community through the lens of “accountability”.  For this unit, we were asked to explore the meaning of accountability, and then put that knowledge into practice. The goal of this unit was to learn about this value so much, that we could teach […]

Being Accountable in Civic Engagement by HM

This week in Civic Engagement was one that showed great progress! Since our project is creating a mural, most of our week was spent working 100 percent on that and we finally finished!  Working almost all day, everyday on our mural was a grueling process but seeing the final product gave me such a great […]

There And Back Again – Hawaii by HM

From February to April 2012 I worked on an organic farm on the Big Island of Hawaii.  For 9 weeks, I lived in the town of Ka’u immersing myself in the culture and learning how to farm.  I went without knowing anybody but luckily left having formed friendships I know will last for the rest […]