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HM's GCE Portfolio
Design & Engineering
Creating a Google Sketch by HM

As my last project in my Design & Engineering class, we used Google SketchUp to create a model of an eco-friendly home.  In my model, I added a solar panel we had previously made in class.  The process of creating my model on SketchUp was definitely not an easy one and it was a lot […]

Building a Wind Turbine by HM

This week in my Design and Engineering class, we made a wind turbine.  This task was definitely difficult and a little daunting at first but I ended up really enjoying myself.  The purpose of this project was to design our own, very small windmill and then calculate whether or not it’s benefits would really pay […]

Building a Solar Panel by HM

In my Design and Engineering class, we built a homemade solar panel since we’re learning about sustainable energy.  This definitely overwhelmed me at first because there were so many steps to creating it.  I couldn’t quite wrap my head around how it would all come together in the end.  Luckily, my classmates were ready to […]

Water Station HM

In my Design and Engineering class, we created water stations inspired by Tippy Tap that followed the engineering process.  My group and I researched global water and hygienic problems and used ideas from the Tippy Tap video.  We faced one major constraint which was that we decided the main structural support of our water station […]