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HM's GCE Portfolio
Making Changes in Lincoln Park by HM

Vacant Lot, Chicago by Zachary Korb. July 17, 2005, Flickr.  For my first project in my humanities course for the Spring term, Policy, we were challenged to find an issue with zoning in either the ward we lived in or the ward where we go to school, which is the 43rd ward, and propose a […]

Researching the Past by HM

In our final project as action for Light & Sound, we created a time telling device that would help us measure time.  For part of our project, we were given the option of traveling to any place in time, forward or backward.  I chose to go back to the 1930s and 40s in Mississippi to […]

Reducing GCE’s Carbon Footprint by HM

For my fourth and final project in Hurricane Season, we were required to take action on an issue we feel strongly about in a community we feel we belong to.  To ensure that it would correspond with all that we’ve been studying over the course of the term, the issue had to stem from either […]

Arguing to Agree by HM

  HM (2013). Drug Bar Graph, GCE Voices For our final action project in A Nation’s Argument we finally got to put all the arguing skills we’ve learned to use!  Our task for this project was to choose a political issue we have a specific stance on and interview someone who has a different opinion […]

Researching Mental Illness Widespread by HM

In Hurricane Season, our second project as action was to find an unnatural disaster we feel strongly about and find a place in the US where it is a large issue and a place outside of the US that is also struggling with whatever this unnatural may be.  For my unnatural disaster, I chose to […]

Building a Student Constitution by HM

For our third action project, we had the really interesting and cool experience of creating our own constitution together.  The process began with individually creating our own amendement, using the art of abduction, that changed something about the school we weren’t happy with.  After revising these, we all got together at a Haitian restaurant and […]

Defending Congo by HM

For our Humanities class (Argument), we had a “global conference” based in 1914, on whether European colonization in Africa was beneficial for both sides. My group was defending Congo, one of the most brutally colonized countries of all time. At the same time as learning about European colonization and European history in general, we were […]

Another Man Down by HM

For our first project as action in Hurricane Season, we were given the daunting but rewarding task of creating a video collage of a large “unnatural disaster” that has directly affected us and our community.  An unnatural disaster is a manmade catastrophe.  For my video, I chose to focus on the recent gun and youth […]

Building a Radio by HM

In my Light & Sound class, we were given the task of creating our own AM Radio from a kit.  With this project I was able to understand the principles of frequencies through the process of building the radio. My group and I  learned about how radios are used around the world for variety of […]

Writing an Amendment by HM

In my humanities course, which is called A Nation’s Argument, we were asked to either change or create a new amendment in our schools Code of Conduct. In the past few weeks, we have been studying inductive and deductive arguments so creating our own amendment was the best way to show what we’ve learned.  This […]