Me, Myself & Ishmael Beah

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The purpose of this Endurance paper was to meet the character (Ishmael Beah) from the book I read: A Long Way Gone . Also, to become another person, to become empty and to define who you are.

I chose to connect with Ishmael Beah because we have similar life experiences, the way how we got to USA, the way we go through our lives and how we are separated from our families.

I am proud of that today I am living in Chicago, USA with my whole family. I am proud that I can live everyday happily and never heard anymore a gun shooting and voices of people suffering. I am proud that I can go to school when a lot of children cannot go to school. I am also proud of being who I am everyday.

I learned “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”
― Mahatma Gandhi.

Here is my A Long Way Poem

One night I walked into the book A  Long Way Gone
I met Ishmael Beah in the dark forest.
We talked about our similar experiences, where we come from.

I live in four worlds: truth, hatred, peace and experience.
How about everyone not lying and not hating each other?
How would our world be like?

Ishmael Beah,
What is your world like now?

“These days I live in three worlds:
my dreams, and the experiences of my new life,
which trigger memories from the past.” –Ishmael Beah, A Long Way Gone

You (Ishmael Beah) and I learn our lives from the travel path.
Our experiences are not like others’
Because our experiences come from our own pain.

“In the sky there are always answers and explanations for everything:
every pain, every suffering, joy and confusion.” –Ishmael Beah, A Long Way Gone

What do we always carry when people hate us?
What do they hate about us or Why do they hate us?
We can fix what they hate about us,
But we cannot fix why they hate us.

“Some nights the sky wept stars
that quickly floated and disappeared into the darkness
before our wishes could meet them. ” –Ishmael Beah, A Long Way Gone

“I had my gun now, and as the corporal always said,
‘This gun is your source of power in these times.
It will protect you and provide you all you need,
if you know how to use it well’.” –Ishmael Beah, A Long Way Gone

You need to use your weapon with your heart
Only your heart  knows how to use the weapon,
Because your heart is your weapon.

The bullets from the gun don’t know
Love and hate,
Bad and good,
Happiness and sorrow,
Children and adults,
Families and enemies…

A weapon depends on a person who uses it.
If you don’t know how to use it,
It will be used against you.

“Weapons are an important factor in war,
but not the decisive one;
it is man and not materials that counts”
(Mao Tse-Tung)

In your story, the music becomes your savior and your security.
It becomes your friends, beyond it is what you are passionate about.
It makes you smile when you hear the beats.
It makes you brave and makes you forget your pain.
It shows who you are in front of your enemies.

“You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching,
Love like you’ll never be hurt,
Sing like there’s nobody listening,
And live like it’s heaven on earth.”
― William W. Purkey

When I do what I am passionate about
I never get hungry and tired,
Because the more we do it, the more we learn it.
The more we learn it,
The more we know how to enjoy it.

Ishmael, I would like to share with you
The most inspiring quote in my life,
Whenever I am going to do something
that makes me think twice.

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”
― Mae West

Smart and good thinkers don’t say words a lot
But when they say
The world opens eyes,
If the Sun rises, it never sets again.
If the Moon and Stars appear in the night
The night becomes the brightest night.

Just like you say in your story book,
When you run in the night
The moon and the stars lead you where to go.

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

You and me can live as this quote says from now on
We are who we are by what we do today
we believe we will be still alive
by what we have learned today
we dream with how far our possibilities lead us

Green Farm 4 All – HT

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For the Student Enterprise course, we created a business plan aligned with the Millennium Development Goals. Creating a business plan helped me understand more about how the businesses work and how to start the business. I created Green Farm For All, which is a profit business because we had farm in Burma. So I have experiences about how the farm worked.

Here is my Un-edited Business Plan.


SandBox Field Experience-HT

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We went to the SandBox company for our student Enterprise course to learn about their business and employers. SandBox company is creating, investing in and exploring new businesses. The founder of the company , Nick Senior talked about his business experiences and how he endured the challenges of his business. I learned a lesson from Nick. Whatever you are going to do, choose what you love to do and what you are passionate about. After he did the introduction of his company, we presented our business plan  to get more good ideas from SandBox employers. I could improve on my presentation by being more clearer.  In my business plan, Nick Junior, son of Nick Senior, suggested more companies from other countries that will help me. Having connection with customers is also good for my business including poor people.

HT 12h Endurance Survival

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The purpose of this Endurance challenge was to learn how to face my mission and how I can endure it mentally and physically — understanding how people endured the challenges that they have in their lives.  Everyone endures something in their lives, but sometimes we don’t even realize what is our endurance.

I decided to endure 12 hours of my mission to learn about Chicago, Americans, CTA and myself in USA. My mission is to make a film of my (Chin, Zotung) culture in Burma, to teach about USA’s way of life and to learn about my culture from “Burmese” people.

The hardest part was to edit my videos: bringing all the clips together and cutting parts I do not need. Also you do not want to forget anything required in this assignment. If I knew it beforehand, I would have edited the video clips right after I recorded the videos. I am proud that I read a book that I can totally connect to my mission and to learn about myself and others.

Here is my 12 hours (in less than 3min) Endurance video

Field Experience Shark Tank

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For the student enterprise class, we went to the Shark Tank audition show to interview entrepreneurs. I learned many lessons from them. It is important to have a clear plan for whatever you are going to do. This is because without having a plan, it can lead us to difficult challenges. I saw many business people who came without a mission and a vision asking for money. Some people do not even have experience about a business. If you are going to talk about what you want to do, you must have a little bit of experience. Are they going to make it? Maybe not, because a company without mission will fail. It is good to have a mission. A good mission statement inspires people and hard workers inspire the mission.

Here are the companies that I met:
Company                                  Email
BikeCaffe                                  [email protected]
M1C helmet                               [email protected]
LIVE WEll & ROCK ON               [email protected]
Buddie Bra                                 [email protected]
Connie Webster                         [email protected]
golfdotz and footiez                    [email protected]                       [email protected]
SENDaBALL                              [email protected]

HT’s Mission to Re-born Identities

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The purpose of this lesson is to learn and understand where we come from and what makes us who we are. Identity is the biggest part of who we are because most people’s blood is connected to their grandparents. In my school, about 50% of people are from a country different from the USA. Sometimes, when we move to another country, we lose/forget our original identity, which means we lose ourselves.

Here is a little bit of my mission plan:

Guiding Question

Why is important not forget and learn our culture and where we are from?


To visit Burma is a chance to re-bring memory and to re-born my identity. Visiting Burma is good for me because I want to learn what I don’t know yet about my culture.

One of my biggest dreams is to make something that cannot disappear, vanish, be forgotten, be avoided… and never dies. Everyone has a mission, but: does your mission have a lesson for the world?

Are mission and dream the same? I believe they are not the same, because mission is what you have to accomplish and dream is your imagination. So, I believe it’s better to have a mission than just a dream that will never come true all night long. Dreams cannot come true if you do not wake up and work the whole day. 🙂


I will get many experiences about USA and about how Chin people earn money in America, so I can teach Chin people in Burma what I saw and learned.

When I teach my experience, I will also learn their experiences from them.

I am going to make a cultural film for the future, like Fermat, the famous French mathematician who made a theorem that was useful and challenging for the future.

I am talk about Fermat, because we studied mental endurance to understand and create our own missions.

HTML-FE to Orbit Media Studios

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Today we visited to Orbit Media Studios to learn about how they build websites. It is located at 4043 North Ravenswood Chicago, IL 60613.They started it in 2001 doing flash, comic and game. After ten years they have been building websites services and are still doing so today. Orbit Media mission is to provide the best possible interactive marketing services. They do web design, search engine optimization, content management, application development, encommerce and analytics.

We met Todd Gettelfinger who is chief executive officer, his main job is make sure Orbit’s workers are happy and enjoy. Another of his main job is to make Orbit’s clients happy and make sure their clients get what they deserve depending on how much they pay for.

We also met web developer Sam Ward and web designer Marry Fran Wiley. Sam did build freelance websites and he does web codes. Marry is who got a job at Orbit from her own website and expert of designing website. Her main job is to design the website the way their client want and need.

From this field experience I learned how websites are built and how long it take to build one website. Building website usually take at least 2 or 4 months to accomplish the best website. I also learned how the website’s logo is created and how much you have to care about it. The web designers and developers don’t really care the logo but the website to be the best to represent well the logo.

Master of Puppet

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Character Profiles:

Name: Dom
Age: 26
Hometown: Brazil
Current Location: R. Erivan Franca
Family: mother and father and sister
Education: finished High School
Occupation: Gangster
Hobbies: Thief
Variables in your life: My goal is to become rich and rule the Brazil
Are you the puppet or the puppet-master of your life?
The puppet-master of my life.

Dom is from Brazil where the most gangsters live in the place. He joined gang when he was 15 year old. Unfortunately he got caught by the police when he tried to steal someone property, because he was running too slow for the police. He went to jail for 10 years and he became a comedian. He always talk about how he got caught by the police. He performs everyday to the small children.

Field Experience to Vosges

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For our student Enterprise course, we went to Vosges. We investigated marketing and sales strategy at the company.We also learned about Katrina(founder of company) and why/how she built Vosges company. One of the reason she built this company is to travel the world with chocolate.

Definition of Market
Her goal is to Inspire and interact people with chocolate and travel through the world with chocolate.

Description of Product and Serving
Vosges company is founded by Katrina Markoff, who traveled to many counties to experience different kinds of foods. She went to Italy, France, Thailand, Vietnam, Korean and India…etc.They have different kinds of chocolate from different countries like Africa, India, Korea, Thailand and many more. They produce the product which is good because they do not have to buy it from other companies. This saves them money and transportation costs. They also do packaging, transfer the products to around the world who want to buy chocolate.

Marketing and Sales Strategy
After they produced chocolate, they send it to the chocolate stores and people who want to buy chocolate around the world through websites. They sell it to all ages. 

Siddhartha with Mandala

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The purpose of this piece is to express, through a Mandala, my experiences with the book Siddhartha and with what I learned from the Endurance and Enterprise classes. I am proud of this piece because I could tell many stories and make many connections with this Mandala.
I chose to make a sculpture, because it represents what I want to do for my future — to become an engineer. I learned that mandala is made of your soul and your dreams.

Here is my Mandala

HT Mandala Plan

HT Mandala side 1

HT Mandala side 2

HT Mandala top


seed = Me
red = spicy: difficult life
green = bitter: sad life
blue = salty: angry life
white= sweet: happy life