Dev Journal #003 — An End of an Age

For the past trimester I have had the high hope of being able to learn Objective-C, Cocoa Touch, and the Apple SDK as well as using those languages to create an app for GCE; I had no clue what kind of task it would be.  While I wasn’t able to complete my goal, I did complete some (smaller) personal goals.  For start, I’ve learned the basics of Objective-C, and Cocoa Touch.  I also spent the better part of one night creating my best (and only working) application ever: an audio mixer.  I believe that with the current skills I have in app development I have the skills to be able to understand what I am looking at, which is the same amount of skill I have for web development.  I’ve decided to take a bit of a twist from what the app development and have decided to refocus on defensive design.  I’m happy that I’ve figured out something that I don’t want to do, as well as learned a new skill.  I hope to continue learning more in the tech field, and will continue to post my process here.