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GCE Falcons Fantasy Draft

For my third milestone in 162 (economics and history taught through baseball) we compared five players against each other in order to find who was the best player overall, and who was most worth their current salary.  We did this by analyzing the players performance this season in relation to his total career.  I looked closely at stats such as Strikeouts, ERA, and WHIP.  Although I previously knew a lot about baseball, this assignment was difficult because it made me look at the sport from an angle I usually dont: the way a GM does.  I looked at five single pitchers, and you can see my thought process and the statistics I used to get an answer below.

MJ vs Magic

For my second milestone in 162 (statistics and history taught through baseball) we had to rate two sports players.  I got two basketball legends Michael Jordan and Earvin “Magic” Johnson.  This was a very fun project because I got to learn more about a sport I love.  One of the hardest parts of this project was trying to rate two players who played at different times.  You can see who I found to be the best player below.


How Rugby Changed the World

For my first Action Project in 162 (elective on how baseball changed America) we created a presentation about how a certain event changed the lives of people.  Myself and HD choose to work on The Apartheid and how it was stopped by Rugby.  This report was extremely interested, and I found a ton of information; there is even a movie about it!  If you are interested in learning about how Rugby ended The Apartheid in South Africa check out my slideshow below.