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GCE Catalysts how-to Video

For my HTML class (Catalyst) we all got to make a video for our first milestone. It had to be something using HTML that we didn’t already know how to do.  For my video I did a how-to on uploading a video on to youtube, then onto our website (using the host  If you would like to learn how to make upload and embed a video on to your website using HTML see my video below!

Orbit Media Field Experience

We went to Orbit Media Studios today.  Orbit Media is a web design company in Chicago located at 4043 N Ravenswood Ave.  We went there for our HTML course Catalyst.  This field experience gave me the opportunity to consider if developing was a path I really wanted to follow, and after this experience I believe it is.  After talking with Sam, a web developer from Orbit I am taking more interest in web design and plan on following up on it as a profession.

While we were there we talked to four employes of Orbit.  Todd who is the CEO of Orbit is in charge of talking with clients to insure their happiness.  Below him are the developers and designers,  Sam and Mary Fran are two of the web designers we talked to.  Sam is a developer whose job is to write the code for websites.  Mary Fran is a designer and her goal is to design the layout of the website then hand it off to a developer to make functional.  We also talked with Amanda who is head of marketing and also manages what clients needs and puts teams together to make that website.

We had an amazing conversation while we talked about what they do, what we do and everything in between.  We learned about the world of web design as a profession and how much of a demand there really is for the job.  We also learned about other languages that professional web designers use to code websites which are php and javascript.