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Google SketchUp Design

In my Design and Engineering (math & science), our goal was to use google sketchup to create a system that generates power, I made a solar panel.  This design helps to solve the seventh MDG (millenium development goal) environmental sustainability.  This project helped me understand how solar panels go on a house and why the placement is so crucial (facing east to get the most of the sun as possible).

Windmill Milestone 3

For our third and final milestone in our math and science class (design and engineering) we designed, created, and tested solar panels.  We did this by first planning out what materials to use, and then we  drew out the design to see how it would look.  We used paper plates for wings, and used wooden sticks and super glue to attach it to a motor.  We then hooked the volt meter up to the motor, and used a hair dryer to see how fast we could get our motor to go.  This helped me to better understand the mechanical aspect of how windmills work and how to make them more efficient.

We also had an in-person meeting with Alex Bishai from Windonics who taught us the scientific aspect of how windmills work.

“Windmill Meeting.” Personal interview, Alex Bishai. Oct. 23, 2012.

Solar Panel

For our design and engineering class, we built a solar panel to heat water.  Our goal was to build a (low budget) solar panel that was simple enough to set up in any location and could effectively heat water on it’s own.    This helped me by learning how to incorporate sustainable living into our daily lives.

Water Station JH

For the Design & Engineering project as action, I created a water station with SM, HM, and LN. Our goal was to create a simple water station in under twenty dollars.  We did this by brainstorming and figuring out that we can hang a bucket from a tree in order to control the water flow.  Our water station was able to efficiently pour water and wash hands with ease. This station could help people who don’t have plumbing or access to a sink.