• My Memory

    For our Who Am I? course, our assignment for Unit 2 was to recall a memory from our past and create a 800 word paper, describing the memory in full detail…

  • TABA @ Bali

    In January of 2013, I went on a two week long trip to Bali, which is in Indonesia. Because I accepted the offer of going on this trip, I was able to have some crazy life experiences.

  • Counterculture Shout-Out Poem

    This poem was the first I’ve ever written and I can truthfully say that it has opened a window for me to something I never thought I would consider doing to pass the time; poetry!


Picturing A Better Future

For my final Food For Thought Action Project of the year, my...

30th May
Better Future by LF

Feeding the world

For my hardest and final action project of the year in my...

29th May
Mathematical Bridge by LF

Graduation Mixtape

For our final project as action, we got the opportunity to help put together...

29th May

Popcorn vs Theatre

For this action project, I did a taste test comparing organic popcorn...

24th May

Bad Girl’s City

The purpose of this action project was to understand the concept of...

23rd May

Creative Cupcakes

The purpose of our Food Action Project was to look more deeply...

13th May

Hedwig’s Theme Remix

A daunting project was set before me when I was told I...

02nd May
Diddley Bow

Almond Milk

For my unit two action project, my assignment was to follow the...

25th Apr
almond milk

Bali Bliss

For my Soundtopia action project, our job was to mix eight or...

17th Apr

Planting A Garden

My Unit 1 Action Project for my Food Redux course was to...

17th Apr