Pizza vs Pizza

By MML • Food For Thought • 13 May 2013

In my Food for Thought class I created a paper on pizza made in restaurants and at home. While creating this paper I was able to make a pizza at home and order one from Giordano’s Pizzeria. One major thing that I learned from creating this paper is that food is more than a item  It’s something people bond over and get closer with. I would have to say the toughest part about creating this paper was getting all my notes down to one paper because there was so many from the taste test of the pizza. I would have to say the part I was most proud of was actually creating the pizza. I didn’t think I could do it. Please view my report below! Also please view my PPT below with the Pictures!

Pizza vs Pizza By: MML

Introduction: In this food review I will be talking about how homemade pizza and how it’s compared to store bought pizza. During this process I will be using my senses and to describe how this pizza looks, smells, and taste likes. I will also be talking about how this connects to one of Michael Pollens 5 food rules. I will also be talking about the different ingredients that are included in both of the pizzas.

Homemade Pizza So let’s start with pizza made at home. I usually buy Udi’s crust from whole foods, which is gluten free and organic. I usually don’t make pizza dough from scratch because it takes to much time and it’s easier to take something out of the freezer and straight into the oven. From there, I buy a tomato sauce, not a paste, and put it on the pizza. After that is done, I add whatever I want, sometimes I just try to avoid cheese one the pizza so I can try different things. For example, I sometimes use spinach and bell peppers on it. After adding the toppings that I want to add, I put it in the oven, which has been pre, heated to 350˚F. It usually takes about 20 minutes to cook. After that, I take it out to cut and eat!

Restaurant Pizza I got this pizza from restaurants called Giordano’s. Giordano’s is a well-known pizza place in Chicago that is known for their deep-dish pizza, which I ate. Celebrities in Chicago like Derrick Rose who has his own pizza also sponsor them. That’s also another thing I noticed on the packaging when it came, it had a blown up picture of Derrick Rose on the box. Some main ingredients in the pizza that I bought are the sauce. Even though there is so much cheese, there is even more sauce. I was able to track down some ingredients online that are usually used in their sauce like, diced onions, fresh garlic, and fresh basil. The main steps that I needed to take to get this pizza was calling the restaurant and ordering. Ounce that was complete, I waited a good hour and then it arrived. I paid for the pizza, sat down and ate it.

Taste Test:

Homemade Pizza:

Taste: Crunchy, Smooth

Smell: Delectable, Distinctive

Touch: Burning, Tough

Restaurant Pizza

Taste: Chewy, Fresh

Smell: Enticing, Spicy

Touch: Dripping, Warm

Food Review: While eating these delectable meals, I could taste the same things in both sauces. Something sweet and something sour, I feel like that’s what makes both pizzas’ stand out. Those are also ayurvedic tastes, so I feel like they are very important to the meal because they stand out so much. I feel like something that makes it sweet is the ripe tomatoes that they use. The thing that makes it sour is the seasoning that they put on it like garlic and basil. It creates a distinct taste that is hard to replicate.   I also noticed that on the Giordano’s menu they had multiple items other than pizza. This reminds me of one of Pollens food rules quality to quantity. They are known for having great food and being consistent with their pizza, but what really amazes me is how much pizza they make and how much they deliver them.

Conclusion: In conclusion, for taste I would take the Giordano’s pizza all day because of its warm authentic taste. But health wise, I feel like I would take the homemade pizza because it has fewer chemicals in the cheese and sauce. Some people might say pizza is pizza, but I feel like it’s more than that. It’s FOOD!