Global Health Cure Talk Show: GCE Talk RJ

For my global health cure class, we were learning about the United nation and how we  can fix the MDG problems. We were working in peers as a group for our last milestone project. We made a talk show. Please listen to our talk show below:



JP,RJ, and ZP are sitting in chairs. That are in a circle. ZP:

ZP: Hello. Welcome to GCE talk. Today we are going to talk about the United Nations and how they will combat global diseases.

ZP: Jazzy J why should the nations combat global diseases?

JP: For one it’s their responsibility to help all people. That’s why they’re called the united nations. Their united to work together and make the world a better place for all people to live. Diseases kill people and it’s not ok for the united nations to ignore the problem.

JP: So ZP since I explained why the united nations should combat global diseases , can you explain what should the united nations do to combat global diseases?

ZP:The united nations should spread awareness about diseases and teach people how to avoid them. They should help discover cures by funding researchers, and supply medicine to people who don’t have access to it.

RJ: You know what I totally agree with you ZP. Now it’s time to get the audience involved. Who would like to ask a question?

Scene: RJ points to MY : Would you like to ask the question?

MY: How does mathematics help the united nations to solve diseases?

RJ: Good question. Well I think is that math is important because it helps doctors know the number of people who need medicine. Also, mathematics can create a budget and spend appropriately. Math is also helpful when giving out prescriptions.

JP: That’s all we have for today folks. Thanks for watching GCE talk. See you next time. Scene: Music plays and we zoom out. Everyone waves goodbye.

Body Politic RJ

Body politic means:people who are subjected to or owe allegiance to a single organized political governmental authority, such as a state or country.
In Sudan and South Sudan the was a problem about Islam and Christianity. The differences of religious beliefs between the two countries cause the conflict. They have been fighting for 22 years . They made an agreement for peace but  it lasted only for a short time.
The president of Sudan, Bashir, is unable to maintain the economic and prosperity promise to the general population. The government  and power will be questioned. because the oil was shut down by the South Sudan,so there is no  enough money for his people.

Sudan and South went back to war because of oil,they didn’t understand each other and they both think there are rights at the  same time. Bashir people are not happy with their president because Bashir just only make decision for himself but not considering his people and that doesn’t help them.

Health Care News Report RJ

Why should everyone have health care?
In our global health cure class, we were doing a project about health care. We have to find a doctor who knows about health care. I interviewed two doctors from different places. The reason I did this is to find more information about health care in America.

Attention Chicago, this is RJ. I am here today to report you about our health care .  We were collecting some information from doctors who have experience with health care. I did a interview with Allison Cavallo. She is a pathologist MD at Rush University, resident at University of Chicago. She got an undergraduate degree at University of Michigan(Spanish degree). And Eric Larson he is managing partner and MBA of University of Chicago graduate school of business.

What I have learned from this two doctors is that we have some health care problems in the U.S. They rated the U.S health care poorly on and not enough resources go into research and preventive medicine. Eric said, “ For people who don’t have insurance, the best thing is to provide them with a safety net.”  Alison said,” she would like to provider public health care to everyone who don,t have insurance”. The doctor have to be patient because it is not a easy job to do it. The first thing you have to do is to save a life before you think about money. This is RJ from GCE signing out from news report.

Civility Dialogue

In my drama class we were doing the play Taming of the Shrew and we have to choose three participants for a dialogue.

My three participants are Kate, Hilary and Abigail, these people have different viewpoints on their positions as women. Kate believes she should not be treated the same as her husband.  Hilary is fighting for men and women to be equal in under the law.  Abigail believes women should stand and speak for themselves, so their voices are known.

If I  were the one of them my last word would be that women and men are equal because eventhough everybody has different roles, they should not be arguing about who has the hardest job.  Each of them is meaningful.

I like the dialogue because I like when people have different opinions and you listen to others’ ideas.
Listening to my competitors.
This is happening in the restaurant

Should women be treated differently from men?

Kate: I shouldn’t  be the same as my husband because  he has power greater than me. My husband has gone around the world to look for food when I am just at home. “Thy husband is thy lord,thy life thy,keeper,thy,head,thy sovereign,one that cares for thee,And for thy maintenance commits  his body.”

Hilary Rosen: We should be equal with men because we do the same work. “I have no judgments about women who work outside the home vs women who work in the house raising a family.”What is the difference between men and women?
What is most important about both?

Abigail: The difference between men and women  is that women work very hard to raise their children and men just  come home from work and watch the basketball game.

Hilary: That is not true, because some of the men help their women not everybody feels the same way.

Kate: You are right Hilary, but most men struggle for good life for  their families

Abigail Adams: No we should not let men speak for us we should be stublem to ourselves for our voice to be known in public and everywhere we go. “Do not put such unlimited power into the hands of the husbands ladies.”

Kate: we shouldn’t be shrew to our husbands,we have to find peace to one another.Why do you think we should treat women different from men?

Abigail Adams: Men are oblivious of us, but we should have right  to protect ourselves. because we do everything at home,carries baby for nine month in the womb, and wakes up at night to take care of them.

Hilary Rosen: If the  men are not there for us we shouldn’t be called women.They are there for us and we are here for them.

Abigail Adams:We shouldn’t be groom for men,they should  take care of us all the time because of all pain we pass through.

Kate: I should be courteous to my husband  and respect him.

Hilary Rosen: We are pithy to one another as we known.
Abigail: Thanks everybody for the great dinner we had together.

Orbit Media Studio visit


Why did we visit them?

We visited these people because we are working on HTML coding.  Orbit Media Studios is a web design company.  We went to learn about their work, and how they use different technologies to design web pages for customers.

What did you learn?

I learned that OMS does not only work to get money, but they also want to make their clients happy at the same time.  They have many different parts to their business, like marketing, sales, deploy, web strategy, project management and many others. There are only 30 employees working there, but everyone does two things at the same time.

How did this FE support your learning in the course?

What I learned in this FE is that all the people in the company have different jobs, and their work is complicated because it has to be approved by the customer before they publish their work.  Also, they advised us not to worry in high school if we don’t choose the career we like now, we can still make a choice in college.

Where did we go?

We went to Orbit Media Studios.  They are web designers in Chicago.

Who did we listen to?

Todd Gettelfinger is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). He makes sure that clients are getting exceptional service, financial goals are met, and the Orbiteers are happy.

Sam Ward is the web developer, working on the coding for the web.

Mary Fran Wiley is a web designer.  She works with clients to ensure that they end up with an attractive website.

Amanda Gant is working as the marketing and relationship manager, she manages client needs and pulls all the pieces together, finding the right people to execute them.



Understanding Medicine with Frogs





Why/purpose: For our global health cure course, we are examining organs to better understand treatments. Why frogs? The reason we dissect frogs is because the organs are similiar to humans.

What did you do? We dissected the frogs stomach and looked at the number of lobes in the liver. I learned that is not easy to find the frogs brain.

For example, I looked at skin treatments for this research (


U.I.C Biogical Science Dept

Why did you go to the UIC biological science lab?

For my global health cure course, we are focusing about finding some cures for many disease. We went to the UIC bio. lab to find out research between animals and humans. I met with four scientists there.

1)The mouse lab with Dr.Tien Wang

Question: Why are you doing your research?

Answer: The goal is that we want to find heart disease cures and know how we are related to animals.

2) Elegans worm lab with Dr.Pete Okkema

Question: How would you benefit your work?

Answer:  From working in the morning, to the end of the day, he discovers new things everyday. He looks at worm genes that are related to human.

3)Yeast lab with Dr.David Stone

Question:How long have you done your yeast experiment?

Answer: Four to five years of research.

4)Engineering bio lab with Dr.Brian Kay

Question:Are you willing to find any treament for diseases?

Answer:Yes, I think about sharing somes idea with people to help find treatment for diseases.



Why do we use mathematical theorems in understanding the spreading of disease?


In my disease class, I researched diseases with one equation that helped me to succeed in my understanding. I looked at R=L/A, where( L) is average life span of population. (A) is average age of infection. (R) is basic reproduction number . The reason why scientists use math to help find solutions for the United Nations Millennium Development Goal is because of two reasons. 1)To help people to understand diseases. 2)To help combat diseases determined by the millennium development goals.

The reason scientists use mathematical models on disease is:

1) To understand diseases.

  • To know how fast a disease spreads.

  • To know the number of percentages of the people who are affected by disease.

  • To know what kind of disease people are suffering from.

  • How long does the disease last.

  • (world lung foundation, 2010)

2) To know how to treat people to help solve the millennium development goals:

  • When to give medicine to the people.

  • To know the amount of medical preparation.

  • How many days should a person take her/his medicine.

  • how much money the hospital going to spend to buy the medicine.

  • in child health is to give them the right medicine and to know the age so they can’t overdose from taking medicine.


(Medical Process Today, Gapminder 2011)


In my research, I looked at one equation, R=L/A. This equation was important because of two reasons. First is to understand diseases and to know how to help people. Math is important to our lives because it let us do the right things. We can save people and help the world.




Bloom Josh, 2011 global

World Lung Foundation 2010 NY

Podcast by RJ on racism.

People should read the book The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian, because it explains the way you should be when you have a different language or culture. The main character was trying hard to overcome racism. Maybe that is all we need to do.

From this Podcast, I learned that a young boy whose name is Junior, exposes racism from Whites towards Indians, by going to a all-White School.

It was important to include different voices in this podcast, because it makes the podcast more interesting and gives you hope that people are around you. People said that “two heads are better than one”; to me more voices do something better than only mine.

These different voices made me question:
— How does experience make you feel about segregated places?